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The Self-Titled Album
 The release of Adrienne's first album was in the summer of 2016. The album includes 7 original songs and a bonus, cover track: "Don't Look Back In Anger", popularized by the 90's English rock band, Oasis. All 7 original compositions show the passion Adrienne has for emotional and atmospheric songwriting. 
Adrienne is an upcoming singer/songwriter based in Vancouver, BC. Along with the accompaniment of her lead guitarist, D.R., the addition of loop layering and guitar fills, send off the sounds of a full band. The duo has mashed a unique fusion of their influences: Soul, RnB, Pop, Blues, Jazz and Funk. All are evident in each song on the album, "Adrienne", as well the songs they cover. ​​​​

Adrienne has been sharing her music around Vancouver since 2014.
Some notable venues in which Adrienne has set stage on are : The Roxy, Guilt & Co., The Belmont Bar, The Main, Falconetti's, etc....

Integrating her old school soul into songs, Adrienne stirs up the 90's vibe into all her music, whether it be her own or cover songs.